Corallai book review!

Corallai book review!

5.0 out of 5 starsMagical!20 July 2018Format: Kindle EditionAndi is on the beach when a big wave crashes over her and pulls her under water. She’s scared at first, but then she notices that she has no trouble breathing and there’s a kind mermaid-like woman waiting for her. Aquanna is the Queen of Corallai, the underwater world. Aquanna reached out to Andi because the ocean and all of its inhabitants are in great danger. The reefs and fish are struggling and Aquanna knows that Andi will help her save the ocean. Andi learns all about this compelling force of nature through the sweet and kind Squillfolk living in Corallai. Can Andi find a way to help them maintain the earth’s beautiful underwater world?

The Squillfolk are the caretakers of the sea. The oceans once thrived and the reefs were legendary because of their beauty. Pollution and toxics are finding their way into the ocean and the Squillfolk were looking for a human who could help them before it’s too late, hopefully Andi can do something worthwhile. Every member of the Squillfolk has a purpose and they are all equal. They work in harmony to preserve and care for the ocean. Andi is amazed by all the important things she’s being taught and is determined to make a difference once she’s back home.

Corallai is a beautiful story about the ocean and how people, sometimes unknowingly, affect the lives of the fish and reefs. I absolutely love the ocean and I have strong beliefs when it comes to maintaining this magical world. Corallai explains the importance of the underwater world in a manner that’s both fun and understandable for children. The beautiful illustrations are a clear and impressive representation of the story. I dive myself and it’s so peaceful to just be under water, listening to my own breathing and enjoying a whole other world and I love how Michelle Path has managed to capture this feeling. She’s written an amazing story that will teach children how they can help protecting the ocean. She cleverly incorporates education into a captivating story and I liked that combination. Corrallai is a fantastic fascinating book about an important thought-provoking topic.

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