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  • Crackskull Jack Goes to the Ball

    ISBN: 9781910607404
    The crew of The Eye of the Storm…
  • Kandy Hamm

    ISBN: 9781910607411
    Kandy Hamm is not a normal girl. In fact she is very strange and eccentric young lady…
  • Kandy Hamm and the Lost White Owl


    Kandy Hamm is a witch on a mission to help other people and solve mysteries.

  • Marty and Maggie’s Day at the Rodeo


    Marty introduces Maggie to western riding when he takes her to the rodeo

  • Phantasmagorical Phobias


    Everyone has something that they are scared of but what happens when someone or something has a phobia that is ironic? Imagine a pirate who is scared of birds…

  • Rory Aqua Adventure Man

    ISBN: 9781910832820
    Rory Aqua Adventure Man is a toy with a dream. All he wants is a new home and someone to play with…
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