April Adventures

April Adventures

It’s been a busy few months for me. Xalien the Purple Alien has been making new friends and has been getting ready to tell her 6th adventure. She has visited a farm with her 3 friends and can’t wait to tell everyone about it in her new book due out next year. She’s also been getting some reviews. The verdict is out! Children and adults adore her! http://www.mumsdelivery.com.au/reviews/childrens-books/xalien-purple-alien-childrens-book-review/

The list of characters and their stories that they keep asking me to tell, keeps me very busy. The ringmaster Calvin Callioni urged me to write his story The Most Splendidly Spectacular Circus of Starzborough: The City of Smogg. I obeyed and his new story is now available as is his first adventure.

A new underwater world has been discovered. Corallai is a place of marvellous sea creatures and characters. Andi discovers this when she is engulfed by a wave and taken to Corallai and is met by Aquanna. Her story was much longer to tell and is a chapter book that will have coloured illustrations to accompany the story. Andi wants everyone to experience what Corallai is like so stay tuned for her story coming soon.

Cody the Pony also has a new story to tell. He has been to pony club with his owner Mimi. They had lots of fun together and want to share their fun with you all. The story should be released around September through Purple Pony Publishing. Of course Mimi and Cody wanted to chose a publishing company that shared their passion for horses.

Marty and Maggie from the Cowboy Who Was Scared of Horses finally went to the rodeo so they too have a lot to share with you all. I am sure you will enjoy learning about what they did at the rodeo! Look out for this book due out in Spring.

If you haven’t discovered Subterranea yet, perhaps you might like to visit this zany world. Fans of Alice in Wonderland and those who seek out quirky adventures and characters will enjoy this picture book. Here is a review to check out! https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/sham-subterranean-and-the-party-tea. There is a second book available. Each story leads readers deeper into a mystery surrounding the disappearance of Jake’s friend Sham. Written in installments, each book a chapter allows for the story to be transformed into a picture book for younger readers with coloured illustrations. Jake is currently in Subterranea looking for his friend and is writing his adventure down as he goes. He is hoping to find Sham and help keep the Florians safe from the dreaded Nightly Shades.

I also have a favour to ask you. This is how you can help to keep these adventures going folks. If you read my books I would ask if you could either leave a comment on my website or leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Tell you friends all about Xalien, Jake, Cody and all the other characters you may meet on your reading journey. This way we can work together to encourage these characters to continue telling us their stories. Who knows who might pop in to share their tales next if we keep the dream of stories alive.

To my wonderful fans and readers, keep on reading and having fun along the way. I believe in you all and wish you the very best. Until next time.

Happy reading and best wishes to you all!



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